"Like Father, Like Son" - Man United Fans Dissatified With A Tie Despite Ralf's Brilliant Decision

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Man United faced Young Boys once again. In their last encounter it ended up as a draw despite Ronaldo scored. This time around it seems history repeated itself but with a different coach and player.

Man United took the lead early into the game at the 9th minute after a lovely goal from Greenwood. It seems he is walking in the footsteps of Ronaldo. That goal gave them a good start but they couldn't hold on to it.

Young Boys came again with a lovely equalizer to level the scores. It was by Rieder at the 42nd minute. Just minutes before half time, the atmosphere of the game changed.

As you would have it, it ended up as a tie. Man United however, still finished top on theor group table to take them to the Round of 16

Fans were dissatisfied with the results though as they expected a better performance. Ronaldo wasn't on the squad but there were some brilliant decisions made by Ralf Ragnarick. He subbed in some two new players.

One of them was, Charlie Savage, he is the son of Robbie Savage who also played for Man United. That was a lovely decision that fans appreciated as Ralf strategy is to create a better team.

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