Why Players Put On Wrist Tape


When matches are being played like for an example English premier league you must have noticed that some of the players like Bruno Fernandes Manchester United player, Tammy Abraham Chelsea player and Rashford just to mention a few put on wrist tapes as they play, do you know why?

The main reason is for additional support.

In this article I am going to share with you reasons why playes tape their wrists.

1. Cushioning falls.

During a football game it is normal for players to be fouled and normally one tends to support himself using the hand and the wrist tape prevents further injury like getting sprained.

2. Prevent dislocation

When player falls maybe due to collision with opponent and supports himself with the help of hand, the hand may tend to dislocate due to the heavy weight of the body but wrist tape can prevent dislocation and breaking of the wrist.

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