Raila's Blogger Expresses Dissatisfaction With Media's Reporting of Echesa Assaulting IEBC Official


Raila Blogger Dikembe Disembe has expressed dissatisfaction on how the media has handled the incident in which Former Sport CS Rashid Echesa happened to have assaulted an IEBC official in Matungu Constituency By-elections.

The video doing rounds the social media shows how Echesa slapped an official after their UDA agent was left outside the polling station. This angered a lot of Kenyans and wanted his arrest with immediate effect.

Disembe on his twitter account wondered how the media (replying to an NTV update on Echesa’s action) reacted and failed to link the former CS with his party, United Democratic Alliance (UDA). He further explained that, political affiliation will only be mentioned if an ODM member or supporter is linked.

Currently according to online reports on Matungu By-election results indicate that ANC candidate Nabulindo has an upper hand in winning, followed by ODM’s David Were and UDA’s candidate Alex Lanya appears to be claiming the third slot.

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