Oskido appreciating Cassper's hustle

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Great minds always think alike. Cassper is getting support from other celebrities including Oskido.

Nyovest, introduced a sneaker business, which was appreciated by many. Going greater heights, Oskido has taken to social media to celebrate Cassper Nyovest and he also supported him amid the recent launch of Cassper's sneakers.

A flood of mixed emotions have made waves, after the launch of sneakers by Cassper. Many thinks that it's a good move while others think that it's a waste of time. Those who always followed and supported Cassper, knows that what happened was a dream come true.

Not only Oskido, but DJ Speedsta gave his pure and honest thoughts considering Cassper's move. Like an other sane person who understands life, DJ Speedsta was grateful to the making but he denied the desire to wear the sneakers.

Speedsta said that "Respect to the hustle. Lol... Thats about it. I personally wouldn't wear these."

On the contrary Oskido fully appreciated Casper as he said


"Every dreamer is not a doer, and every doer is not a dreamer. You have the deadly combination of being a dreamer and a doer @casspernyovest good luck with your new business. @rootoffame990s available in all Drip stores next week Friday."

Such a great compliment, attracted a response from the man of the moment (Cassper Nyovest) saying


"Wow. Thank you grootman. Legend! Coming from you this so encouraging. Dreams really come true. #RF990."

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