You Should Copy & Use These Codes To Block Your Bank Account If Your Details Ever Get Compromised

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For some time now, we have seen numerous stories of Nigerians who come out to complain about losing all the money in their Bank account to scammers or robbers who forcefully collect their credit cards, get their passwords and rob them of their money.

In the light of this ugly trend, I have compiled a number of important codes that can help you protect your money if you ever think your money is at the risk of being stolen from your account.

I have compiled block account codes for 22 banks which includes some major banks in Nigeria.

If you with the below 22 banks, and you ever feel like your account details have been compromised, and you might lose your money please follow these instructions.

* UBA customers should their phone number linked to their account and dial *919*911#

*For Fidelity Bank customers you should dial *770*911# with the phone number linked to your bank account

*IBTC customers should use their Bank account linked phone number and dial *909#

*Zenith Bank customers should dial *966*911#

*First Bank customers should text Block to 30012 through SMS

*For Union Bank customers, you should SMS BLOCK CARD NUMBER to 20123

*Key stone Customers should dial and call 23470020003000

*Sterling Bank customers should also call 070078378464

*For GT Bank customers you should dial *737*51*10#

*For Stanbic IBTC customers you should dial *909# and then follow the instructions and select the block card service request.

*For EcoBank, you should text STOP ATM with your account number to 0806326226

*FCMB customers should contact +2342798800

*For Access Bank customers you should contact +23412802500

 *Polaris bank Customers should also contact +2341270859

*Wema Bank customers should dial and call 08039003700

For more information on this and other matters you can contact the following bank customer care service numbers for your bank, you also try and save these contacts in your phone for easy access.

_07980625000: First Bank

_012798800: FCMB

_0700300000: Diamond Bank

_070078375464: Sterling Bank

_07007007000: Union Bank

_070022557826242: Stanbic

_012787000: Zenith Bank

_0700482666328: GTB

_070020003000: Key Stone

_07080666000:Unity Bank

_07005000000:Eco Bank

_012802500: Access Bank

_014485252: Fidelity Bank

_07000787753: Wema Bank

_08069880000: Polaris Bank

_00961746909000: Heritage Bank

_07002255822: UBA Bank

_5084818300: Mainstreet Bank

_00912106770065: Citibank

Thanks for reading please share this article with your loved ones to raise awareness on this matter because in cases of an emergency, you might not have the time, energy or resources to immediately appear physically at your bank.

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