A notice of a new Covid-19 Variant that been detected in South Africa and the reaction of people

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The SABC news took to social media to announce that a new Covi-19 variant had been detected in South Africa .

The update that was given by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases did not give more details as to which parts of the country had been hit by the new variant .

More details in regard to how effective the new variant is on hospitalizations and deaths are yet to be known . It is still not known if the vaccinations that have been administered to South African people will be able to withstand the new variant . More details will be availed by the Minister of Health .


It is sad to note that some members of the public do not believe what has been shared by the SABC news .

Some community members are regarding this development as lies and ways of instilling fear in people .

Even a social media influencer who identifies himself on Twitter as ¨ The Notorious Cellular "misled other social media users by saying that these were lies and meant to instill fear in people .Some believed the update and called on each other to take the message seriously.

Go through what Notorious Cellular had to say and what other users said regarding the new variant :

It is concerning that some members of the community still consider Covid-19 as a joke . It is because they may not have experienced the pain of losing someone close as a result of the pandemic .

Statistics are released on a daily basis on different news and social media platforms, but some choose to overlook the information.This helps explain why there has been hesitancy among members of the public in taking the Covid-19 jabs .Some people do not want to take the jab because they do not believe that the pandemic exists.

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