How to stop being lazy


We all have the time when we feel less energetic and struggle to find motivation.our goals become less important,we find it difficult to feel inspired and we might we must start wondering if we are capable.We may even start calling our selves lazy . Research has found that only 8 percent of people who set a new year's resolution actually achieve their intended goal.

What to start doing...

Create small, attainable goals.Break that huge goal down into smaller goals that will make you feel more accomplished and motivated to continue climbing.

Take Time to develop a plan.sit with yourself for a moment as you reflect on your desires and goals.Be realistic about the amount of effort,time,mone,help or other factors involved in meeting this goal.

Focus on your strength.Consider any Challenge you have been through and reflect on what personal strength you used to get through that experience.

Celebrate the small victories.The pride we experience in meeting goals can help reinforce more positive self talk.

Recruit support.It is okay to also aaa for help along that way .we thrive when connected to important people in a positive , healthy way 

Exercise enough.sleep sufficient ly following ba particular schedule.

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