Cure These 6 Chronic Diseases With This Powerful Plant In A Couple Of Weeks


Physalis plant has all the values when it comes to healing of man from sorts of diseases. This plant has been used by many people in Africa and the testimonies that were given were so outrageous. This compelled me to do more research and write more on it to give to my readers.

DIABETES: Boil the root of physalis with three cups of water until it readily boiled and left with only one cup strain it and take the one cup once a day for two weeks

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Get 40 physalis fruits boiled with 110ml of water for 15minutes of strain and allow it to cool drink twice daily for two weeks.

LUNGS DISEASES: Get the leaves, roots, stem, flower and fruits of physalis boil them all with five glass cup of water strain and drink it twice a day for one week. Get 40 pieces of physalis leaves blend with a blender then drink the juice twice daily for one week.

ASTHMA: Boil the leaves and stem of physalis plants for 15minutes drink it twice daily for two weeks.

LOWER CHOLESTEROL: Extract the juice from five strands of physalis leaves take it thrice daily.

RINGWORM: Apply the juice of physalis on the affected part thrice daily.

LOWERING FEVER: Consumed five fruits of physalis daily to reduce fever or heat most especially in children.

JOINT PAIN: Mix the leaves with fresh Tumeric to make a paste and apply the paste to the affected joint.

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