Ghana Universities Sports Students Association To Send a plead to the government.


The Sports Association of the universities in Ghana ready to move to the Ghana Sports Ministry with a letter to plead for a lift of the ban on sports due to the outbreak of Covid.

March last year, a strong restrictions were put on activities that involves crowd and personal contact. Athletics and sporting activities were cancelled. This was a time that affected universities sports and games for about a year now.

Sportsmen and women within the various universities had to comply for the period between.

But for how long to wait as there are more national assignments taking place.

Recently, the National Cross Country event took place at Sefwi

Ghana's Fastest was also held at Cape Coast. This coming Saturday there will be an Opened. Championship which will be held at Kumasi.

All these competition were organized by the Ghana Sports Authority(GSA) and Ghana Athletics Association ( GAA).

According to the President of University Sports Students Association Mr.Asiedu Busi, that most of these events have their top participants being university students.

Some of these students are Amposah from university-Winneba, Ragha and Aziz both from university of Lagon, Pastor and Abochi from university of Cape Coast.

Also ladies such as Grace Obour, Janet, Josephine Avomega, just to mention a few,are all from the universities.

From the president of the university sports students Association, they will at this week submit a letter to the sports ministry to come to the aid of the university's athletes in easing some of the restrictions on them.

Mr. Asiedu Busi added that they are ready to adhere to protocols that will be given.

This will enable the various athletes in the universities put back their performance on track since they participate in almost all national events organized by the GSA and GAA.