Remarks From Moses Wetangula Concerning Raila Odinga

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Moses Wetangula who is the senator for Bungoma county today tweeted on his twitter page that Political archives show there is no election the ODM candidate Raila Odinga has contested without irritatingly shouting against the referee. Even when Supreme Court handed him a second chance, he shouted at IEBC & walked off.

Theemalema tweeted, "You can't plan rigging of elections then come here shouting at the top of your voice that huyunmzee ohh aah , bwani it's not going to be that easy as you think, if the claims are false you could now be at the court room, wait until time is right, utajua ujui."

Dk tweeted, "Raila has sensed defeat he has tried adding all his possible numbers non is adding up. The loss of western and his inability to 'climb the mountain' isn't helpful in any case."

Sam tweeted, "What do you think when Joho and Junet are the ones writing his speech and guiding his words. Has the house on the hill withdrawn its support or what's happening? You seem to be more powerful than their hopes! Safari ya Bondo ni mapema."

Mama tweeted, "Are the allegations true? Stop shifting the discussion. You've been shouting all night. It can't be for no reason. What's giving you the nightmares?"

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