" If they don't open stadiums, we are going to sleep at FNB ". Said Malema at department of sports

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The economic freedom fighters released a statement in the past weeks that they demand the opening of stadiums and fans be allowed to be back. The EFF on its statement said that they are going to start picketing at department of sports, if nothing happens they are going to PSL offices then to SAFA offices. The EFF leader Commander in chief Julius malema said on the party's siyabonga rally in KZN, that it doesn't make sense for political party to gather in huge numbers of 2000 people inside the stadiums yet the fans are not allowed back to stadiums.

The EFF leader said that Ramaphosa must take people of South Africa serious and open stadiums since covid doesn't only exist in sport activities and not on political gathering. The first picketing was held today 20 January 2022. Malema on his address mentioned that he does not have a memorandum of demands, only one issue brought them there which is opening of stadiums.

He also mentioned that if they don't open stadiums in week's time, they are going to SAFA offices and even to FNB stadium and sleep there. The demand of opening of stadiums was also joined by different representatives and unions. The fans were also present in numbers in support of opening of stadiums.

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