10 Countries In The World That Changed Their Names And Why


Have you ever thought of the possibility of a country changing it's name to some other name. That may look strange but it is actually possible and many countries have gone ahead to change their names and are no longer recognized as they used to be recognized previously.

There are many reasons why a country may chose to change their name into another different name. Some do it as a way of getting to do away with the past and forging on into something new and so that necessitates the change of the name.

Some do it just to encourage tourism in their country as we will see in some of the countries in the list. It is not an easy thing however to change the name of a country and it actually costs a lot of money and millions of dollars. Since other countries have to adjust, this becomes a very costly thing.

 When the name of a country changes it means Al books have to be changed, the constitution has to be written again to include the new name, the currency has to be changed and many other things and so that is not a simple task. Everything that contains the previous name has to be changed and this definitely costs a lot of money to the country.

The citizens of the country have to adjust because they are used to the previous name and this may take time. It takes a lot of time for an entire nation to fully adjust to a new name. Some of the countries which took this path and decided to change their names include;

1. Holland to Netherlands

South Holland and North Holland decided to become one under a common name of Netherlands and this happened in the year 2020. This was a move to try and unify all the provinces found in Netherlands and also to strengthen the marketing sector. This was definitely a heavy move and the most recent since the name of the soccer team had to be edited to accommodate the new changes.

2. Ceylon to Sri Lanka

Ceylon was the name given to modern Sri Lanka by the Portuguese at around 1500s. Ceylon later became a part of the British empire years later until the year 1948 when they gained independence. The changes in the name were not made up until the year 2011 when they decided to change the name to Sri Lanka and even the companies that had the names had to adjust to this new changes.

3. Republic of Macedonia to Republic of North Macedonia

This is another country that recently had to make changes and adjustments to the name. From being known as the Republic of Macedonia to Republic of North Macedonia. This changes were effected in the year 2019. This came as a move to try and distinguish themselves from their Greek neighbors who have a region called Macedonia. The name also had to be changed so that they could be part of the NATO.

4. Czech republic to Czechia

The Czech republic decided to make their name shorter inorder to make it easy for the country to be named in sporting events and also to try and market themselves to the world. The country is currently known as Czechia and the changes were effected in the year 2016 and it took around 20 years for the change to be effected. The short name made it easier for people to pronounce the name especially the people from English speaking countries.

5. Swaziland to Eswatini

Swaziland is among the few countries in the world that is still monarchical and the King decided to africanize the name of the country but the meaning of the name is still retained by the words. Eswatini was the translation of Swaziland into one of the countries local languages. One of the reasons of this changes is because many were confusing the country with Switzerland.

6. Upper Volta to Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso decided to change the name from upper Volta to Burkina Faso which in the local language means the land of whole men. The name was changed during the celebration of the country's 20th anniversary in the year 1984. The initial name Alto Volta was after one of the country's main rivers.

7. Burma to Myanmar

Although the changes have not been fully effected where some countries still refer to the country as Burma, Myanmar is the name that was changed as a result of the military effort in the county who wanted to preserve the name in the way it is locally written. This happened in the year 1989.

8. Siam to Thailand

Siam was changed to Thailand many years back at around 1939 by the then King. The country name means 'the country of fee people.

9. German South West Africa to Namibia

This changes tool place in 1990 after the country got independence from the Germans. They also renames some of the cities that initially had German names.

11. Irish Free state to Ireland

Ireland also like other countries decided to change the name with a bid to shorten the name.

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