Now That Kenya Has Received The Vaccines, Who Will Be Vaccinated First?


It has been more than a year since the pandemic of Coronavirus invaded most parts of the world. Countries have suffered economic crackdowns ever since it found it's way through. Apart from China, all other countries were pulled back in relatively all sectors. Kenya is not an exceptional.

According to reports, Kenya has now received a sum of 1.02 Million Astrazeneca vaccine doses. The ministry of health officials will announce on when the actual vaccinations will start and hopefully, it'll be as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that Covid-19 is till upfront in causing havoc to human life and affecting other economic activities.

The big question is, who'll be the first person to be administered with the vaccine? This is causing unrest among Kenyans as many are unaware of its impact. It was earlier on reported by the ministry that the most influential people especially those that are highly interactive receives the dose first.

But, how about students in schools, health officials (doctors, nurses and other health workers), travellers etc. They have a very high risk of contracting and spreading at the fastest rate. Despite the fact that the their are regulations like avoiding crowded areas, sanitizing frequently, staying at home etc, it's observed all over Kenya that people are holding public gatherings.

Coronavirus is real. It kills. It's my opinion that all Kenyans stand out and receive the vaccines to minimize the vulnerability of the virus. With that, everything will return to normal and we'll uplift our standards of living.

Were are yet to hear from the health cabinet secretary Dr Mutahi Kagwe to give the new directives concerning the administering of the vaccines