Why Kai Havertz Will Be More Than Messi And Christiano.


Chelsea football club is one of the biggest clubs in europe which has got a lot of followers from all over the globe. The blues fraternity is being owned by a Russian billionaire roman Abromovich. Chelsea has not only achieved to have the most recent uefa champions league trophy but also they have two in numbers. However one of the strength points of the blues is the availability of funds where what they need it's capable of getting.

Chelsea are also known to posses big talents where they have one of the most expensive player currently. Kai havertz is the man we are talking about. The big convincing issue with this guy is his performance and yet he is too young. Havertz is only twenty one years and at this age not even Messi or Ronaldo met his level of performance as per now.

Havertz not only scored the only goal to win champions league for chelsea but also he has been Soo key for the germans performance. Kai havertz is expected to be very key this coming season as he performances are expected to rise even more and more. This gives a clear indication that this guy may be more dangerous and deadly than Messi and ronaldo when he reaches you thier current age .

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