Sad Photos Of Indians Going Under Trees To Raise Their Oxygen Levels When They Become Breathless


India has been one of the most affected countries by Corona virus with over 3 million new infections in the last 24 hours. Many videos and photos showing how India is overwhelmed by Covid-19 are doing rounds in social media everyday. Mass graves and cremation has been the order of the day. Lately, they have reached to a point where they are seen throwing dead bodies in the water.

According to a post by Reuters, a village in northern India that has been engulfed by Covid-19, the sick can be seen lying on cots under a tree with glucose drips hanging from a branch. The cows are also seen grazing all around, while syringes and empty medicine packets strewn on the ground.

The only doctor around in India's most populous state of Uttar Pradesh, is very far, a 90 minute drive from the national capital Delhi and the government hospital that is nearby has no available beds. The villagers say they cannot afford private clinics.

Sadly, the village practitioners of alternative medicine have set up an open air clinic where they distribute glucoses and other remedies to patients with symptoms of Covid-19. But some of the villagers believe lying under the 'been tree', known for its medicinal properties, will raise their oxygen levels. But there is no scientific basis for this belief or for some of the other remedies being offered.

A villager by the name Sanjay Singh said, "When people become breathless, they have to go under trees to raise their oxygen levels. My father died few days ago after developing a fever. He died within two days before he was even tested for Covid-19. People are dying and there is non one to look after us."

The second wave in India has brought even the hospitals in big cities such as Delhi to a breaking point. Covid-19 is ripping through the country's vast rural hinterland where healthcare is threadbare. But in this village, people are doing all they can to survive. One woman is alleged to have borrowed an oxygen cylinder from a neighbour whose condition had improved slightly, her family said.

As we pray, we should remember India for sure. Below are photos of the village;

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