White Foreigners And Black Foreigners Are Treated Differently Because Of This One Thing (Opinion).

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White Foreigners And Black Foreigners Are Treated Differently Because Of This One Thing (Opinion). 

The foreigner topic and debate has once been sparked again after foreigners have been attacked in Johannesburg and Mangaung. Foreigners have been attacked by South Africans because they want them to go home. 

Besides having foreigners go home, South Africans state many other reasons such as unemployment and crime brought forward by these foreigners. 

A lady posted a video on Tiktok explaining that White foreigners are treated differently than Black ones. The troubling thing about this lady's claim is that it is true. We have never heard of a European being mistreated by Black South Africans and being told to go home. But we always hear of Nigerians and Zimbabweans being chased all the time. 

Why is it that a black person will mistreat another black person? This is because the black foreigners are usually in places where they are exposed to black South Africans. This is because these people are poor and they cannot afford the same life that Europeans can afford when they come here. Furthermore, a European or anyone who does not come from Africa will definitely need a passport or Visa to enter SA from the airports which makes them very easy to track and find as soon as they are in the country. 

White foreigners are probably the ones that benefit more from the South African economy however South Africans are focusing on poor immigrants who are doing nothing but trying to survive through small businesses that they have. 

We do not support crime however, the issue of illegal immigrants and corruption, crime and drugs from foreigners should be something that the South African police take care of. The home affairs should take care of illegal immigrants however both these departments of government have failed us. Instead of fighting our fellow brothers and sisters we should be pressuring the government to fix and work for South Africans in a manner which protects them from unemployment, crime, corruption and influxes of illegal immigrants. 

Source: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSeXqhpno/

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