Makeup Tips For Women Who Have Chubby Faces

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The purpose of this article is to reveal some important makeup tips that'll be of help to ladies who have chubby faces and want to make them look slimmer. Check them out below:

When it comes to the use of foundation, bronzer or concealer, ensure that you use shades that are darker than your skin tone. The importance of doing this is that it will help to create an illusion of a slimmer face structure.


Lip touch-ups are one of the hacks that work best when embellishing your face.

Even if you do not go for contours, eye shadows, and other beautifying makeups, a simple touch of colour to your lips can do a great work. As a matter of fact, even a coloured lip balm can do an amazing work.

The simple reason why it is so is because the lips play an important role in maintaining the looks of your face. If you desire your face to look slender, try as much as possible to always apply something that is darker.


Another easy way for any lady to add slimmer and slender look to her face is by having the right eyebrow shape. Opting for a higher and more pronounced arch can help to downplay the chubbiness thereby, allowing your face to look slimmer.

It will also make your eyes to look uplifted thus, creating an illusion of a toned face.


A lot of people stay confused about what the bronzer does and how it's different from contours. It is important for every lady who has a chubby face to know that applying bronzer helps to divert attention from your cheeks and will make your face to appear slim.

So, it is always good for you to accentuate your cheeks with bronzer. Ensure that you always apply it on the jawline as well.


Using blush all over the features that you want to highlight is an amazing way to grab eyes. You can go all stylish by using a blush of colours such as pink, brown, orange e.t.c


Paying attention to your haircut while shaping your face structure is a must, because the haircut you adopt will highly define the way your face appears.

If you know that you have a chubby face, I'll advise you to go for haircuts that will make your face look thinner. In order for you to achieve the best result, go to a salon and the salon specialist will provide you with some of the best haircuts that will be appropriate for your face type.

Never Forget Your Forehead.

What you're to do is to ensure that you contour your forehead, blend the blush (darker shade) into your temple, thus, empathising your bone. In fact, this simple trick will make your face to have a slender appearance.

Please share these important tips with any lady you know.

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