Painful Ending as Two Police Officers Are Shot, One Dead After Horrifying Encounter With a Thug

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According to news hitting the air waves just now, a police officer lost his life after a deadly encounter with a notorious city thug.

According to sources, the officer was in company on another when they chased down a thug who opened fire killing one of the cops.

In a report seen by this reporter, a suspect identified as Ali Mwarabu alias stepper shot dead an officer, Sergeant Grevious Otieno of Lungalunga police station on the spot and injured Nicholas Kiremi of Industrial area Police Station at the collar bone.

It has emerged that the rogue suspect is dangerous and could have some deadly gun handling skills.

According to the police report, the rogue thug jumped over a perimeter wall where he took cover shooting indiscriminately at the officers.

A man hunt is currently underway for the rogue killer with kenyans asked to provide any meaningful information that would lead to his arrest.

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