Woman Leaves Elders Dumbfounded As She Runs Away With Dowry Money


A young land from Turkana County,Garsen surprised and left many in confusion after she decided to ran away with sh 170,000 money collected as her bride price.

Anne Maweni had sought the help of her in-laws, in handing over the girl to her suitor for marriage, as tradition demands which ended as funny or laughter matter as we can term it.

As her sister Veronica Meilu narrates who had accompanied her to the ceremony Miss Maweni decided to run away with the cash as she feared her kinsmen will change the deal as soon as they see the amount.

Her sister Veronica states that Anne Maweni served the visitors with the food but she didn’t join them on table for the meal. This is seen as it was her plan to create a successful escape.

Efforts to reach her (Anne) did not bear fruits as her phone was switched off after she escaped with money. But Anne texted her sister Veronica to finish the remaining part of meeting which was giving vote of thanks using a new number.

After elders realising that the money had been stolen they did not raise alarm but the ended the meeting well but they interrogated her sister who said she never knew Anne’s plan. https://www.facebook.com/105983259496/posts/10159649954699497/?d=n

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