11 Images from South Africas past that will make you remember what the old days were like.

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Sometimes it can be easy to forget our history, the things we loved and the things we no longer have. There have been so many things in recent history that has just dissapeared, and we will probably never see again. In the hope that I can bring some nostalgia to you, I have scoured the internet and found 11 Images that will make you remember what it was like to live in the past.

The original KitKat came in a paper and foil rapper and had a much more bold design, it also seemed much cheaper than it is right now.

Question Chocolate was a fun way to make a request from someone, it was split into two parts with one saying Yes and the other saying No. You buy the chocolate with the question you want on it, for example "will you go out with me", and give it to them. They will than break the chocolate in half and give you the part with their answer on it.

Every child that wanted to be like their father bought these, these are cigarettes sweets and they were pretty much just white candy stick with red dye on the end. Small children would buy it and pretend to smoke. However they are all but gone now.

The prices from the past is one of the main thing I wish to get back, a time when everything was so much cheaper.

This is the original South National anthem, however I do not know what it means or how to sing it. Sadly, I do not know how to sing gje current one either.

This was the original wrapper for Cadbury chocolates. Instead of the basic plastic they have now. The chocolate used to be wrapped in foil with paper over it.

The past is gone, and sometimes we have to accept that. However it doesn't mean that sometimes we can't look back at it with nostalgia. What did you think of these images, which one do you remember, tell me in the comments section and follow for more Lifestyle news as it happens.

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