The Harlot Who Became An Ancestor Of Jesus: Lesson We Can Learn From The Life of Rahab


Twice in the New Testament, in Hebrew 11:31 and James 2:25, Rahab was mentioned. It's important to note that in each verse emphasis was made on the fact that she was a harlot. From a human point of view such a character will be more or less seen as an outcast even in today's world. However, God sees differently and manifests His power to those who are truly hungry for him even though they might not be worthy.

Rahab was a harlot in the city of Jericho. When two Israelite spies who were sent by Joshua to spy out the land came to her, she knew God had destined the Israelites to take the land. She then asked that both her life and that of her family be spared. Now, this was a woman who hitherto had no dealing with any of God's people. Still she had heard enough of what God had done to know Jericho would fall.

The importance of having faith in God can never be overemphasized. If this woman of easy virtue could have such indefatigable faith in the power of God, how much more, we modern Christians, with all the Bibles we have and sermons we've heard.

Also, Rahab didn't just think about herself alone but also the welfare of her entire family.

As Christians today how diligent are we in praying for the salvation of members of our families that are unsaved. In addition, how many of us truly care about people around us who're not saved. Are we praying for them and also sharing the gospel with them, though they might not want it?

Just as destruction came upon Jericho, scripture says this world as we know it will one day be completely destroyed. Everyone shall stand before God to give account of their lives. On that day will our neighbours say we shared the gospel with them but they rejected it or will they accuse us of never caring for their souls?

The Israelites finally invaded Jericho and brought the walls down, while they destroyed everyone save for Rahab and her family.

Rahab's one encounter with two of God's people set her life on a different path from what it had been. May we, as God's people ask for grace to always live in such a way that those who have dealings with us will never forget us because of the positive impact we made in their lives.

Rahab would go on to get married, give birth to Boaz, who fathered Obed, the father of Jesse, who sired David, the greatest king in the history of Israel.

And as if that was not enough, Rahab was one of the few women mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus, the Saviour of the world. Her name became immortalized.

What God can do in our lives is unquantifiable. No one is beyond redemption, if only they can have faith in both the mercy of God to forgive and save and His tremendous power to transform lives.

We must not be quick to write off anyone. We're all sinners saved by grace. Scripture says in Ephesians 2:8-9 that salvation is the free gift of God by grace through faith. It is not of works so that no one should boast.

If God can save and use Rahab, a harlot; He can save and use anyone too.

Remain blessed in Jesus name.