Catholic Bishop Arrested For Engaging In Evangelization Activities


A Catholic bishop in China, Bishop, Augustine Cui Tai has been arrested by Chinese government for engaging in evangelization activities without government authorizations. The bishop who is 70 Years old of age is said to have been taken by Chinese government to an unknown location. It was reported that the said bishop has been arrested before some years back.

The elderly underground Catholic Bishop during his first arrest was said to be under house arrest for a long period back then in the year 2007, but was later released before the current. He was released in January of 2020, and reportedly arrested again.

Cui was ordained a bishop in 2013, since then he has served as coadjutor to Bishop Thomas Zhao Duomo of Xuanhua, who is 96 years old. According to the report, Cui has been repeatedly detained, and spent periods in forced labor camps, for engaging in evangelization activities without government authorization. He has also spoken out against the state sponsored Catholic Church in China, saying it is building a Church “independent” of the Holy See.

It was gathered that Bishop Cui’s arrest is as a result of the 2018 Vatican China agreement on the ordination of bishops is set to expire soon. The Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, who was involved in the crafting of the agreement, said that he believed the agreement should be renewed for “one or two years”.

Pope Francis has led a Day of Prayer for the Church in China as he entrusted China to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In his prayer, he said; “Dearest Catholic brothers and sisters in China, I wish to assure you that the universal Church, of which you are an integral part, shares your hopes and supports you in your trials.

“She accompanies you with prayer for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit, so that the light and beauty of the Gospel might shine in you as the power of God for the salvation of those who believe.”


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