Phil Foden's Monthly Salary At Manchester City When Converted To Nigerian Naira

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Phil foden the Manchester city 20 year old football player has turned into a beast, playing along side Kevin de bruyne. This player as one of Manchester city's youngest player also possesses incredible skill and control on football following his finishing skill.

As a young player, Phil foden has been one of the top paid under 20 football players in Manchester city now, which has taken his career to another level.

Phil foden is been paid 624,000GBP and when converted to euros its €723,000 , which made him one of the most paid under 20 players in 2018 till now.

Now, with the current rate of Nigerian naira, 1 euro is equivalent to 458.66 Nigerian naira, and converting Phil foden's salary to naira it will be 331 million naira. So Phil foden receives someone net worth as salary every month.

As a young player pushing his football career forward, has kept his aim at the top, and has always wanted to show up as the best player and I think he is doing well.

In the end of everything Phil foden's salary per year can change a state in Africa, think about it only to play football .

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