Is It Advisable For Ladies To Shave Down There


Shaving is still the most popular way to get rid of pubic hair. But a new study from California found that women who shave their pubic hair regularly have higher risk of contracting genital herpes, genital warts or the dreaded papillomaviruses.

Moreover, Dr. Nazarian notes and say that when you shave that hair, you are leaving the skin more vulnerable to infectious agents. He continues to say that do not let that stop you from stripping away unwanted follicles. He says that shaving your vulva is totally safe if only done in a proper way.

Pubic hair usually acts as a barrier against unwanted bacteria and infections. It also protects the pathogenic bacteria and dust from getting in. So it is considered wise to leave hair inorder to prevent such things from happening.

Pubic hair are there for a reason. Being the most sensitive part of the body, it is much prone to rashes and itching. Lack of friction may trigger such reactions thereby making your pubes vulnerable to infections. Avoid razing or shaving them and let your pubes serve the purpose they have.

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