Coolest fashion brands ever


Here are the coolest fashion brands ever exist.

1.Vand Louise.

This is a brand that is very famous for its look.The brand also has very expensive items that only the rich can afford.Their bag brands can cost up to $150.Imagine spending that much money for a bag.Most or definitely all their products are leather made.Their items are very efficient and at the same time very cool.

2.Gucci brand.

This is the true definition of state of the art luxury and style.I guess everybody knows about this company.It is one of the most famous brands in the world.The Gucci bags cost about 210 american dollars.Thats not that much if you were a millionare.This brand offers the best could need.


This word is very common especially to people who love cool shoes.This brand offers a state of the art comfort in all their products.They have more than you can imagine.Balenciaga is a well know company for their shoes which are always extremely cool and at the same time fantastic.

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