8 Matches With 2224 Odds To Place On and Make Good Money

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Huddersfield vs Nottingham Forest

This match will determine club which will earn a promotion to the English premier league, looking at the past five matches each of the clubs have played, Huddersfield have won four matches and drawn one while Nottingham have won two matches, lost two and drawn one. Considering their head-to-head matches, Huddersfield have won three matches and Nottingham two. Today we are counting on a win for Huddersfield following their top form against Nottingham.

Solihull Moors vs Chesterfield

Following the current form of the two clubs, Solihull Moor are on a top form because they have won all the five matches they have played recently and for Chesterfield they have conceded defeat in three matches, won one match and drawn one match. İn their past five encounters also Solihull Moor have won three matches and Chesterfield have beaten them two matches thus with this good form by Solihull Moors, we predict a win for them.

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