Top DJ called out for being a scammer: He did this that left Mzansi angry

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A certain guy took it to social media this morning after a top DJ failed to honour his booking and refused to refund hue money.

Photo: Instagram @Oscar Mbo

Archie old Sebolai has com out to expose Oscar Mbo for taking his money and never delivering his services after they booked him.

According to Archie, he booked Oscar Mbo known as Oscar Mbongeni Ndlovu to perform at his gig in Matlhakeng Chillas Hammaskraal on 27, December 2021 at 8p.m and paid him full booking fees but the DJ never picthed.

Photo: Facebook

According to the screenshots that are circulating on social media shared by Archie, Mbo went quite on him on the day of the gig and only responded the following day at 01:20 a.m through his manager, informing him that he won't make it because of time. He offered Archie an alternative date which was not possible.

Here is how the South African twitter has reacted to this!


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