"Tearful" - My Girlfriend Has Been Placed Under A Spell So Nothing You Say Gets Into Her Head

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It's very sad to see someone you love break your heart yet you still love them with the broken pieces. I've been through shackles of hell and this really ruined my love life. I'm called Chris and I live in Bawku with my family. I planned of getting married to my girlfriend some months ago and trust me, things has really been hard. The love of my life is really hurting me emotionally. Someone I gave my all just to make her who she is, is now at the verge of dumping me another guy.

Early this year, she got an opportunity to work in one of the government hospitals in the deprived communities since she is a trained nurse while I also work as a teacher in a secondary school. On her way to work, she met a guy in a troski and with funny talks in the bus, they exchanged numbers. I have no problem with that since I know vividly well she can't cheat on me because she is a marriage counselor and know what it entails for a home to be happy.

Just recently, I've seen a particular number calling her several times just to check on her. Well, I'm not a jealous husband and I know things are in their right place. Unknowingly, she has been discussing her secret with one of her close friends at the hospital who in turn revealed this to me when I told her of my wife's sudden behavior. I confronted her and all she could do was to give me cheeky answers. She has no regard for me and does not seems to see me as the man if the house.

She has often been going out with this new guy of which I approve of that. I want to dissolve the relationship because I think she has no interest in it. I believe she has being placed under a spell and whatever you say to her, she wouldn't listen.

Please I need your advice. What should I do.

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