Another hit song meets the tragic fate of copyright claim and is pulled down from YouTube.


Well, it has become the new ritual in town where songs are meeting sudden misfortunes of copyright claim. Songs are being pulled down from YouTube day in day out. Artists have started complaining and are even sueing these hooligans who are responsible for these ferocious acts.

Artists have started living in uncertainty and concern after yet another hit song was pulled down from Youtube. Artists like Mejja and Krispa have been victims of these claims where their bangers have been targets of attack from these 'upcoming' artists.

Today the latest victim of this claim is none other than King Kaka. His current song with Otille Brown is nowhere to be seen near the vicinity of Youtube. Fight, their song which they had worked from the roots to create has been flagged, and due to this, it has been pulled down from YouTube.

King Kaka has furiously taken to his Instagram account to scribble his disgust and loathe of these guys who've been the cause of all these turmoils just to chase clout on their ends.


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