2021 Promotion: Why GES is yet to release this year's results


A record number of teachers sat for the 2021 Promotion Aptitude Test. About fifty-three thousand (53,000) teachers, representing one-sixth of the entire teacher population are seeking to promoted to higher ranks (Principal Superintendent, Assistant Director II, Assistant Director I and Deputy Director) under the Ghana Education Service laid down rules.

The results were expected to be in last month. However, there has been a delay in the release of the result.

What is causing the delay?

Our close sources at both Ghana Education Service and the consultant who conducted examination reveal that, some teachers were shortlisted but unscrupulously took part in the examination.

Therefore, they (Ghana Education Service and the Examination Consultant) are taking their time to fish-out such people before the final release.

Our sources stated further that, these candidates were disqualified because of reasons such as application not found in the system, no previous upgrading/promotion letter, no attaching documents among others.

The number of teachers who applied for the Assistant Director II grade is over thirty thousand (30,000). A third of these teachers are in the Ashanti Region alone.

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