What Kenyan Politicians Are Doing To Get Voted During This Election Period (Photos)

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Every politician will do whatever it takes to get voted in various seats especially during this election period. These politicians will ensure that they convince voters that they will do everything for them if elected but surprisingly they only come close to voters after every 5 years.

As Kenyans prepare to hold elections in August 9, Politicians have been seen committed to spend some time with the common Mwanchi to show how they really care About them. But where do they go after elections? Why do they only go to voters during the election period?.

Below are some photos of politicians being close to voters convincing them that they care about them to get voted.

This is Khalwale buying samosa in the street. When did he do this last?

Ruto is really a hustler, but will he still continue visiting this kind of hotel if elected as the 5th president of Kenya?

Didimas Barasa went ahead to prepare tea using firewood in a mud kitchen in his constituency. But will he do this again after elections? When did he last take this kind of photos?

Now you see what Kenyan politician do every every 5 years for you to vote them and then vanish.

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