The Unknown 'Fight' Between Two Billionaires, The Late Kirubi and Merali That Death Resolved


It's quite unfortunate for a country to lose two billionaires in such a short period of time. Being a self-made billionaire--where you create your wealth from scratch is not an easy fit.

One of the tycoons, the late Chris Kirubi was quite popular and celebrity, where he was dubbed the synonym 'DJCK'. He loved to flaunt his lifestyle on the media, where he showcased his state-of-the-art cars and his exquisite mansions. He also loved having a good time with the opposite gender, and a valuable member of the Men's Conference where he campaigned men marrying by classifying marriage as slavery.

The other late billionaire, the Late Merali was not quite popular among people. He lived a private life and he was a known philanthropist.

However, a business fight between the two billionaires was little known to the public. The battle involved the bidding of a Kenya Defence Forces multi-billion tender for constructing 11,000 houses.

H-Young company, which is associated with Merali, and Zutari company, owned by Centum investment which is owned by Chris Kirubi, were among the four companies listed that had sent their bids.

It's quite unfortunate that the two tycoons passed away before flexing their wings and their financial muscles to acquire the tender.