35 years old lady beats 75 year old man after refusing to sleep with her.

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Wonders shall never end. This is the saying of many people all over the world. There is an Akan saying which says it's the dog that always go and search for the bones but nowadays the bones are searching for dogs to chew them.

In a mid day news at kesben FM with Ali Baba Dankambari as the host reported a strange news about a seventy five years old and a thirty five years old lady. According to kesben breaking news it was reported that a seventy five years old man was beaten severely by a thirty five years old lady.

According to the reports the woman went to the old man's room and requested for two thousand Ghana cedis and sleep with her but the old man refuse to give the money to her so she started beating the old man. But reports says the old man sometimes ago went to the lady and ask her to accept her as his girlfriend but the lady refused. And again the man promised to give some clothes to the lady that was why the lady went to the old man.

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