Kelly Khumalo Should Sue Jub Jub For Defamation - Fans are Standing up for Her

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Kelly Khumalo has confronted a ton in the public eye. In any case, presently web-based media is clarifying that they are the only ones permitted to criticize her, as they have dispatched an assault at her ex, Jub. 

Media character Jub as of late broke the web when he made a few charges about The Voice of Africa. In a short clasp from MacG's digital broadcast that was shared on the web, he says something that Kelly Khumalo, with whom he has a 10-year-old child, utilizes 'muthi', and that it isn't unexpected information that no one ought to be stunned by. 

Albeit the scene is yet to air, the short clasp has effectively sent online media into a craze. Tweeps have dispatched a horrible assault against Jub for his comments, as many find the remark offensive, especially concerning his child's mom. 

Many have communicated that it is discourteous and rude and that it is unjustifiable to put the kid, Christian, through all of that. Regardless of whether they actually have hamburgers, tweeps think, this isn't the method for tending to it. They accept Jub is being unimportant and puerile, and that he is just looking for consideration by opening up to the world about that allegation. 

One more subset of fans is energetically protecting Kelly. "Muthi is our way of life, and no one ought to be disgraced for utilizing it", some reacted. They trust that, as long as she doesn't utilize it for evil, she should go ahead and use as much muthi as her heart wants. Others have even ventured to recommend that all famous people use muthi, and hauling Kelly for it is fraudulent. 

In any case, her most faithful fans are angered and are approaching The Vocal Highness to sue her ex for maligning of character. They figure such charges could harm her standing and vocation, and Jub should confront a few ramifications for his wild talking. 

Be that as it may, some have accepted these allegations as extreme "evidence" of their doubts. Kelly has for some time been suspected, by general society, of playing a hand in the passing of her late sweetheart, Senzo Meyiwa. Presently online media clients are cautioning Jub to be cautious, and in any event, saying that muthi is the manner by which Kelly disposed of Senzo. 

They are asserting that the main explanation Jub is as yet alive is that he went to jail. They say jail saved his life, however assuming he will be over here sharing such things about Kelly, he ought to be ready to vanish. 

The ideas are clearly extremely dastardly and unjustifiable. Despite the fact that examinations have been progressing for more than seven years now, there has been nothing to involve Kelly in the homicide of the footballer. She has even needed to explain her name in broad daylight, yet individuals basically decline to release it. 

It very well may be a smart thought for Kelly to seek after legitimate activity against Jub. The assertion has as of now accomplished such a great deal of harm, and the scene isn't out yet. We can't envision how much harm should be possible when it comes out. 

Whatever she decides to do, however, Kelly has her fans and allies behind her, as they have demonstrated at this point.


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