Never try these. They call for the wrath of God.


There is no denying the fact that many people in the world today and have been swayed from the side of God to the side of the devil. They are acting contrary to the will of God and they are calling for the wrath of God upon their lives. Below in the subsequent paragraphs are somethings people in the modern world of today do. Sit, read, enjoy and take a lesson from it.

To set the wheels in motion, we must eschew idol worshipping or smaller gods worshipping. Mostly, people worship gods because, they think the gods can protect them. Some also think they will be healthy and live long. As a result, they worship the idols whole-heartedly. This act calls for the wrath of God.

Another point worthy of mention is that, we should do away with trans-gender. This is where men transform themselves into women to have features of women and women transform themselves to have the features of men. They call the wrath of God.

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