10 Most trending and profitable business in Ghana.

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To start a business is to consider all factors in business setup and also learning from a mentor and how they had a successful business It is the best way of maximizing your opportunities as you start creating your lucrative business in Ghana

Below are some of the profitable business in Ghana which can gain you much profits.

1 Taxi business;

Once people never stop moving around then a taxi business will always make you money all that you need is to get your licensed car, driving licensed and you are good to go and your hardness or seriousness will fetch you much income.

2 Poultry farming;

This type of farming brings high profit because chicks, eggs and also meat are gained from it and also requires much capital because their feeding alone cost much but if the risk is taken to do it then I tell you that risk will pay high.

It does not required a lot of chicks or chicken to start.


Social media has made everyone crazy about taking pictures and has made photography one of the best business opportunities in Ghana. With a quality camera, you can make a killing just by taking photographs. So, be creative even when taking pictures and make everything exciting.


Most of Ghanaians are madly in love with entertainment and also don't mind spending huge amount in going for entertainment.

Event planning is an exciting venture and amongst the top business ideas in Ghana that will never have you broke. Starting may be a bit of a challenge, but once you are on your feet, you are set to be one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in your area.


Everyone wants to look fresh everyday and hair is one the things that brings out 70% beauty out of everyone and such that one can build up a barbering saloon or hair dressing saloon and such business does not requires huge amount of money and does not cost much.

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