Teacher Unions: Important Notice to Teachers with anomalies of upgrading of Salary 2018 and beyond


The Coalition of Concerned Teachers-Ghana is demanding an immediate apology from the Ministry of Finance following a statement made by the technical advisor at the Ministry.

A press statement dated signed by the president of the said teacher union indicated that it’s very unfortunate for the Ministry of Finance to make such a statement regarding salary increment.

According to the leadership of the union, workers have done enough sacrifice for the past years in terms of salary paid to workers especially teachers.

And the recent hikes in prices of goods and services taxes per the 2021 budget should concern the ministry than issuing such unhealthy statements.

It has therefore implied that these comments go a long way to affect the spirit of negotiations in fairness and good faith. 

Negotiations are already ongoing with the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations together with the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission with a representation from the Ministry of Finance. 

Negotiations are set to be completed by end of April 2021. Hence, such comments from a heavy player like the Ministry of Finance are prejudicial and we shall not succumb to it.

The union has however dissociated itself from any decision that seems not to increase the salaries of workers especially teachers for the next three years.

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