"More goodies for Vihiga county if elected into senate" Sisco Mbindi declares

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Astute businessman and Vihiga county senatorial aspirant, Hon Sisco Mbindi has once again assured locals that he will fully represent their interests once elected into office.

According to Sisco Mbindi, for Vihiga county to realise positive development,he will work hand in hand with the administration that will be in power to see that the county is allocated enough funds from the national kitty.

These funds will help revitalize the education sector, the business world, the health field anongst others in Vihiga county.

"I am going to the Senate fully aware that my county needs enough funds to help in realising the dream of a development oriented hub. These funds I will also make sure they are fully accounted for as corruption will not be tolerated during my tenure" read a statement from the office of Sisco Mbindi.

A group of youths,members of the clergy and women groups have endorsed Hon Sisco Mbindi's senatorial bid after he declared to fully represent their interests by pushing progressive bills that are development oriented to be approved by the senate.

"Once the bills are approved, there is light at the end of the tunnel that I will be doing what my people sent me to senate to do" the statement added.

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