" Nandos, You Are Next. We Know You Pay Your Employees From Tips " - EFF Member Alleges

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Source: https://twitter.com/54Battalion/status/1484002097557381122?t=zEcxh2oRH-FpJzymx61zCg&s=19

The issue of the township economy has always been a ticking time bomb waiting to explode because foreign nationals have taken over the township economy, making it even harder for unemployed people to start their small businesses. From Tuck Shops to Hardware, restaurants to government departments, they have made their mark everywhere, leaving South Africans in despair.

For the Operation Dudula gang, something had to be done to preserve order. Documents or not, the movement, supported by some political parties and law enforcement, decided to remove all foreign nationals from the streets. They started at shopping malls and went all the way to hostels where immigrants reside, demanding that they go back to their countries.


A few days ago, an EFF member revealed that the political party members were at a Tshwane restaurant and discovered that it has 34 employees, but only 9 of them are South African citizens. They spoke to the management and gave it two weeks to change things around. In essence, when the red berets go back in two weeks, they want the majority of the employees to be South African citizens.

This morning, @54Battalion has taken to Twitter to threaten Nandos restaurant with a visit and has exposed the restaurant. According to the EFF member, Nandos remunerates its employees through tips, and they do not get an actual salary or wages.

His followers are ready and are happy that this will be attended to. For some reason, they believe the allegations and want the EFF to sort this out, citing that it is unfair for the employees who work tirelessly to put food on the table, only to be paid peanuts.


Currently, it may seem that foreign nationals have hijacked the country's economy, especially in the townships. Instead of taking law into their own hands, perhaps malls should create a marketplace for small local entrepreneurs so there could be more economic activity around malls.

South Africans should be prioritized in their country, but chasing immigrants away only for them to come back due to the poor migration control is a waste of time. While other political parties are hard at work and trying to bring change, the government is quiet. The only people that can really bring change and implement laws in South Africa want nothing to do with it.

This only means that that movements like Put South Africans first and Operation Dudula will forever be running and chasing foreigners as long as the ANC is in charge.

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