Fighting Galamsey In Ghana: Possible Reasons Why It Is Never Successful.


Fighting against illegal mining, popularly known as galamsey in Ghana, has become a headache to the government. People are digging into the lands indiscriminately, for the precious metals. By so doing, water bodies and vast areas of land are being destroyed.

The government of the day, is facing difficulties in bringing the situation under control. Ghanaians and even the Chinese nationals are the principal culprits in this mayhem. The Chinese nationals mostly blame their Ghanaian counterparts as the people leading the operations. Why is the fight against galamsey never successful?

1. Most of the people who are fighting galamsey in Ghana have shares in it. People are fighting illegal mining in the front door, but encouraging it through the backdoor. There are bad elements in Ghana who are thwarting government's efforts in dealing with illegal mining. How can one help prevent something from continuing when in the actual fact, he enjoys benefits from it?

2. Unemployment is also a major factor which is hindering government's efforts in bringing the situation under control. When people cannot make ends meet, how do you expect them to survive? That's one main reason why the citizens of Ghana resort to destroying their own lands to build their stomachs.

People have gone through tertiary education, acquired certificates only to do nothing afterwards. If the government concentrates on building more works for the citizens to do, the mayhem will be controlled to some extent, if not fully.