"It Is Good to Accept Defeat". Kieleweke Member of Parliament Congratulates TangaTanga Counterparts


The Nyeri town member of parliament hon Wambugu Ngunjiri took to his social media page and Congratulated hon faith Gitau the nyandarua women representative for delivering the rurii ward seat to the UDA Party.

Ngunjiri say that, " meanwhile my very special congratulations to hon #faith Gitau; women rep nyandarua County. I do not support her politically but Rurii is her victory."

Ngunjiri admits that the battle was full of heavy odds and despite all the women rep managed to secure the victory for her associate Party.

This was one of the most contested by elections by the legislators of the Political wing supporting the deputy president "Tanga Tanga" and those supporting the president "Kieleweke".

The Jubilee party under the leadership of president Uhuru Kenyatta lost in all the by elections that were conducted yesterday.

Despite all the legislator has vowed to take the Political battle to the next level where he believes they will take the victory.

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