Do Everything For Love But Not These Four Things


Love is a beautiful thing and a feeling one cannot control once they start experiencing it. It makes one feel like their world revolves around this one person they adore.

However, most people make a mistake of overdoing things and decide to andure anything in the name of love.

You can do every other thing to impress the person you love but not the following four things:

1. Give up on your dreams

Albert Einstein said, "If you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal, not people or objects." He was right because people can leave you whenever they feel like doing so. Giving up on your dreams can make you regret in future especially if the relationship fails.

2. Change your principles

One of the things that makes relationships hard to endure is the fact that we were raised in different backgrounds with different principles. If someone loves you so much then he/she should learn to embrace who you are and not try to change you. If you find yourself changing how you do some things for the sake of love then it's time to walk because that is a sign of a toxic relationship.

3. Desert your family and friends

One thing you should always remember is that before you started your relationship with the person you are in love with you had a family and friends who care about you. If your partner doesn't give you the freedom to spend time with them then he's not worth your love.

4. Accepting to be a doormat

Being a doormat means allowing other people to treat you badly without defending yourself and accepting all of their opinions without compromising. No amount of love should make you stick with someone who makes you feel like a doormat.


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