Ten Teams in Europe Which Have Already Qualified To Play in The Champions League Next Season


Playing in the UEFA Champions League is always the aim of every big European club every season and they always work hard every season to finish high in the domestic league to qualify for the big stage in the next campaign. Champions League is the most precious trophy at club level and the second-best in football behind the World Cup.

The competition is currently in the semifinals with some thrilling matches being played between Manchester City vs Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea vs Real Madrid and the final will be between two big sides.

Manchester City could be finally through if they get to beat PSG again tonight or have a draw while Chelsea and Madrid which will be played tomorrow is not yet clear as the two clubs had a draw in their last meeting last week.

Spain, England, Germany and Italy always have four teams qualifying for the competition due to their high UEFA coefficient while a country like France and other European countries have less than four slots in the competition due to low UEFA coefficient.

Here are the ten European teams which have already booked a spot in next season's Champions League group stage.

1. Barcelona

2. Real Madrid

3. Atletico Madrid

4. Sevilla

5. Bayern Munich

6. Inter Milan

7. Manchester City

8. Zenit

9. Dynamo Kyiv

10. Ajax

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