Ibrahimovic Will Back To Old Trafford Once Again


Zlatan Ibrahimovic is expected to be back again in the Old Trafford against his former club, Man united

Ac Millan has been drawn with Oe Gunner's boys Man United in the Draw that was done today.

In the recent past, the two teams have been on a good form in both their home leagues and the Europa league!

Many sports commentators have said that will be a finals of its own! Fans all sundry are waiting for the this game!

Ibrahimovic recently again faced his former teammate Lukaku in a foul clash!

In the draw, Arsenal will face Olympiacos, Tottenham Vs Dinamo Zagreb, Ajax vs Young Boys amongst over teams in the Round of 16 Europa League Cup

Adnan Januzaj did say during the post match interview that Man United are the best likelihood of lifting the trophy. Also the team is stiffing to lift the Premier League Trophy.

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