Drama As A Woman Is Allegedly Caught Stealing A Corpse From Morgue

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There was drama at Mercy Mission funeral home in Eldama Ravine on Tuesday morning.

This is after the relatives of a 55-year-old deceased man blamed his Koibatek widow for attempting to steal the body.

The relatives of the late Obed Mwangi including his grandkids deplored that they had not been associated with the burial arrangements.

Police intervened after the two families conflicted outside the Mercy Mission funeral home in Eldama Ravine town.

According to the police, “Our hands are tied and we only have one option, they go agree or move to court.”

The spouse, her family members and individuals from the church had shown up at the mortuary at 7am to pick the body.

Be that as it may, the grandkids—Damaris Muiyaki and Mary Nyambura—with their uncle Daniel Mwangi, blamed the widow Alice Wangui for barring them from the burial plans.

Officials had to take them to Eldama Ravine Police Station after the fracas took steps to disturb services at the morgue.

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