Car Wash Guy Drives Client's Benz GLC And Crashes It Beyond Repair.

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According to the video that was shared on TikTok platform by @drive234, a young Nigerian car washer was seen prostrating and begging the owner of Benz GLC to forgive him after he crashed his car. The vehicle was crashed beyond repair. Just as other car owners would do, they will leave their car keys with the car washers, and then comes back later to pick it with their cars washed. 

Report has it that the car washer landed into trouble after driving his client's car to buy food and along the road, he had an accident, damaging the car. The car was badly damaged, and the young man was remorseful, but the video wasn't too long to see if he was forgiven or not. The video has left Nigerians reacting after it was shared on TikTok and Instagram. 

The question's now is, do you think it's advisable to leave car keys to car washers? Kindly, share your opinions in the comments. Thanks. 


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