Kenyans Roast Senator Ole Kina Following His Take On Legalizing Marijuana


Narok senator Ledama Ole Kina has been interested in the debate on the legalizing marijuana in the country. Marijuana is one of those plants which are illegal in the republic of Kenya and the moment you are found dealing with it then that will be a serious crime.

Senator Ole Kina just like the former Kibera Member of Parliament the late Ken Okoth has been hinting at tabling the motion for bhang legalization in Kenya but he is yet to table the motion. Ole Kina has urged the government to consider other part of marijuana as a medicine and a product in other useful commodities like sanitizers.

"So how dumb can this be? We prohibit hemp growing in Kenya but we allow finish products into the market ? We are still colonized! It’s total BS! They put products in our shelves but they manipulate our governments to continue colonizing us! Enough!"

The only fear which Kenyan government may be considering as the ban for it's growth, is because many people will abuse the plant which may bring worse side effects. Marijuana is considered as one of the hardest substance and one of the strongest stimulant.

These are some of the people's reactions