"Shame on you" Maina Kageni Rubs Women The Wrong Way After Allegedly Body Shaming Fitness Enthusiast

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Reknown radio host Maina Kageni is facing it rough on social media after he used a photo of a known fitness enthusiast struggling with weight issues to make a joke which backfired big time.

From the shared photo which has since been attributed to body shaming, Ma Flava, the lady in the cropped photo is seen having an enlarged abdomen similar to the backside such that it's difficult to differentiate whether it's the front or back side.

Hundreds of women felt offended with Kageni's post arguing that a man of his stature should be the last one to body shame a woman.

Even as pressure intensified for him to pull down the controversial post, adamant Kageni was yet to do so at the time of going to the press.

The lady attributed to the photo has since reacted where she has called out kageni for stooping so low yet he is a respected celebrity.

"Look at this so called Maina Kageni....hata shetani hawezi stoop this low....eti public figure making fun of fellow Kenyans." Read Ma Flava's reaction.

Ma Flava

Ma Flava has been consistent in her weight loss journey and has been very active on social media encouraging other women struggling with weight to hit the road running.


Evalyne Nyakio Wangari: This is so wrong...Dear you are a fighter don't let it get under your skin. Ypu are the strongest most resilient and gracious mama I know.Keep your head high. And have they seen you of late? You look amazing

Joan: I did not expect this from you Maina this is unacceptable and very low of you! Many women are struggling with weight that arise from so many issues and so many people are going through depression from such body shamming and cyber bullying! Very unfortunate coming from a big media personality like you!


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