Judges Must Also be Elected so That They Are Held Accountable: Zack Kinuthia Reacts After BBI Mess


The BBI report rulling by high Court angered close allies of president Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon Raila Odinga. Majority of Kenyans were feeling it was intimidating to see president efforts being stopped by panel of 5 people.

Former CAS education Zack Kinuthia angrily reacted to high court rulling. He said that, just like we elect politicians and they are held responsible, judges also need to be elected by people so that they can be held responsible and accountable too for the decisions they make. Kinuthia argued that judges sometimes make decisions that have great impact to the country knowing nobody will question them.

Video link:https://twitter.com/ItsMutai/status/1394715546747289604?s=09

Lord Abraham Mutai close ally of Governor Alfred Mutua reacted and this is what he had to say, "As wild as you may think this is by Zack Kinuthia that we should consider electing JUDGES at the ballot, I'm a willing participant of this line of thought. Especially judges of Court of Appeal and supreme court. Why can't we subject them to the will of the people at the ballot?"

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