"Hustler Nation" Candidate in Juja by Election Takes an Early Lead


The Juja by Election for the member of Parliament has just been concluded.The seat was left vacant after the death of the area Legislator hon Francis waititu Wakapee.

The by election is one of the most contested as ten candidates were fighting to take over the seat that was vacant.

Mr George koiburi of people's empowerment party is on a tight race with the wife of the late legislator Susan Njeri wakapee and from the look of things one of them might take over the seat.

Despite being early and the process of vote counting still ongoing, the people empowerment party's candidate Mr George koiburi is seen taking an early lead.

According to Muranga senator hon irungu Kangata Mr George koiburi has taken the lead in jkuat polling station stream 6 and stream 10.

In milimani polling station Mr George koiburi has secured 190 votes against his close competitor Susan Njeri wakapee who got 65 votes.

According to Kangata this is an early signal that Mr George koiburi might take over the seat.

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